An art consultant will work to complement your Interior Design. You have taken the time to create an environment which speaks of the success, confidence and image of your business. Your tastes and interests in the selection of art will be enhanced by the consistent quality and visual accord of the final selections. An impressive welcome to clients and employees alike, the art completes the prestige of the office décor.

An art consultant can offer a Fresh Perspective on the art you already own. A new location for a work of art, a new frame or proximity to other similar pieces can give new life to favorites in the collection. You can realize a theme, highlight a style of art or feature one Canadian artist, and with our curatorial expertise, accent the strengths of your existing collection.

An art consultant strives for the most Creative and Dynamic Installation of the art. A detailed work can be placed where it receives close inspection, a dramatic work can hold its own from a long sightline, or a grouping of smaller works can equal the visual impact of a single large piece. Each work of art impacts the entire space where it is displayed. Scale, lighting and the balanced choice of different media are vital considerations in the placement of art.

An art consultant will advise on the consistent allocation of your budget to the primary client and executive areas and then to the secondary areas of office administration. The Strategic Placement of the most important choices of art from well-known Canadian artists or the selection of high-quality pieces from younger artists in a different location gives you the appropriate value for money.

An art consultant simplifies the choices before you, by bringing Extensive Knowledge of Canadian artists to the task of locating the best work that is on the market today. Artist studios, private dealers and the leading contemporary art galleries are our resources for the photographs of art that are forwarded to you for approval. The works of art in the Works of Art portfolio are available. These can assist in clarifying your needs and interests, and focus our search for additional selections.

An art consultant enables the Selling or Donating of works of art that are no longer appropriate to changes in office décor or to personal preferences. Earlier works by established artists are equal in strength to their recent work and can be placed in new situations. We can take these works on consignment, with selling prices based on current market value. Other clients benefit from buying excellent work at lower prices.